GoScreen was founded to market products and companies in a unique way with an electric vehicle with LED displays, speakers and storage unit. The concept was drawn up as a box with all the equipment attached to an electric vehicle.

The first box was delivered from the vehicle company and then a construction firm installed the displays and batteries for the equipment. Sadly the final look of the product was less than satisfying so I did a re-design of the box to be smaller, prettier and give a clearer view of the displays.

Look below to see the transformation!
Some of the many events done with GoScreen for clients like Valio, Naked and Westpride.
The left image shows the first version produced by the construction company. The right image shows the second version of the box which was designed and manufactured by me completely from scratch.

Below are images showing the removal of the old box and the process of constructing the new box to include a better stacking of the batteries and a more compact design in general.
I also did consulting for Stora Teatern in Gothenburg to provide a complete solution for digital signage at their entrance. Six weather proof enclosures with high brightness LED displays and computer units for showing their posters. 
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