I'm Simon, a curious and driven Industrial Design Engineer and Inventor with a background in video, graphics and business. I want to make things better through a user-centered and sustainable approach. I do product design, CAD, prototyping, Additive Manufacturing or UX.

Developing products starts with a wish to improve on what already is, to make that product, service or experience evolve. In my daily life, I look at things big and small and often think on how they could be better. I think a curious mind and will to understand people is key for successful product development, so that more can enjoy a user-friendly and sustainable world.

In my mind, a true focus on the needs of the user in combination with modern prototyping and manufacturing techniques through 3D printing can help create solutions for the future on a large, or highly personalised scale.

Let me help you create something better!

Do you need help with product development or visuals?

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Or if you prefer, send me an e-mail: simon [at] battredesign.se

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