Having worked for many years at the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra to produce hundreds of live and free concerts me and the team constantly finds areas for improvement. To further increase the quality of our productions we decided to create custom modifications to our equipment as none of the required products or parts existed.

By creating custom cable holders we could decrease rigging time while also decreasing or eliminating the need for expensive and wasteful usage of tape. Other supporting parts were also created to create a smoother and sturdier slider operation which decreased minor tremors during camera movements. 

By making custom parts we could decrease wasteful behaviour while speeding up our workflow and making camera setups be less visible to the guests and musicians - all while saving money on expensive tape.
Measuring sliders and camera equipment to fit properly to all equipment
Screenshot of many different parts used for sliders, cameras, camera stands and cable management.
Protective covers on the back to lessen the disturbance to viewers and musicians.
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