Project introduction
During my exchange at renowned university TU Delft in the Netherlands I did a project in concept development in collaboration with Schiphol and DeNoize, the latter developing a way to make windows act as noise-cancelling speakers. Their technology can filter out noise from the outside of the home while allowing for bird sounds for example, to pass through. My concept was based on their request to develop a showcase house that could fit upon a trailer and also be used for testing with people sleeping over, while still being homey enough. My emphasis in this project was to develop a 3D model of the concept for putting out renders, and making it available as an interactive VR experience. This way the spatial design could be experienced by Schiphol and DeNoize properly before making any decisions to manufacture the concept. First, a general layout was developed in SketchUp, later refined in TwinMotion.
Concept presentation
Living healthy means to care about yourself and your surroundings. This means that the home needs to provide a calm place where you can recharge and relax. My tiny house concept is designed to be an inviting, interesting and pleasant living environment that in itself will draw attention to it. Although great for marketing or testing of DeNoize windows, this tiny house is meant to be a good substitution for anyone who wants to downsize their life - without having to compromise.

The tiny house is a modern home that includes smart lighting, speakers, thermostats, air conditioning and DeNoize windows. Noise-cancelling windows have been placed in every room; living room, office, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The windows's angular placement vary to provide for different testing possibilities (vertical, angled, horizontal). This variety of smart systems provide for a healthy living environment in general, but also adapted to the individual for the best personal experience possible. With lots of natural light and plants, it is a home for improved well-being. The tiny house is a cozy and functional home with a small environmental footprint - giving two people a home that embodies a healthy lifestyle.

Please click the attached files to see interactive 3D models.
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