Society, and shopping in particular, is getting more and more digital to make the customer experience better and faster. In this process it's key to find out what the user really needs from a system to make it work as best as possible.

Willys recently opened a new store which focuses on self checkout to better meet the needs of the modern customer. To review that the system runs as best as possible we did a user study to see what works well and what could be improved in the system. The main goal was to find out the what the customers experienced as the most pressing topics. The secondary goal was to lessen the work load on the staff by attending to these topics.

By interviewing customers and staff we could get a scope of what was of interest for the study. With multiple interviews naming similar issues we could perform controlled observations to better understand how the interaction between the user and the system worked. The data from the interviews and observations was then analysed to sort and prioritise areas of the system that could be developed further to increase customer and staff satisfaction.

In general the customers were very happy with the self checkout system but as with any emerging technology there's always room for improvement and we hope that our study will help make the self checkout system at Willys even better.

In collaboration with Jennie Winqvist, Malin Svensson och Cornelia Nilsson
Above are photos of the analysing process and the paying area at the studied Willys store.

Below is a graphic of the interaction between the customer and the system. By separating the paying process into different steps we could get a better sense of strengths and weaknesses of certain areas.
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