ChillServices provides a simple service that lets users review data for cooling equipment in supermarkets. After some beta designs the service needed to be re-designed for it's official launch in autumn 2019. To get there I began by looking at the user experience of the service where user roles and functionalities was set. By looking at who the actual users where we could make some guidelines for how, when and why the users would want to use the service.

With these guidelines in place I began to design the UI for the service with inspiration from previous beta designs made by Boid and their current design for a companion app called FieldAgent which registers the data that is being shown on StoreAgent.

In parallel with the UI design for StoreAgent I also built a Design System using Adobe XD so that all designs would be linked and updated if changes would be made to logos or other elements of the ChillServices visual identity.

An animation of proposed transitions was also made to give the developers a sense of how the website should animate and feel.
Landing page where the user can see relevant data and review latest activity and available tasks(contents vary depending on user role). Before digging into the data on other pages the user will be welcomed by these floating areas and a moving background. The upper left corner has a customisable call to action depending on what is pressing at the moment.
The login screen with the moving background and bottom text that boosts the user in knowing that they are doing good by using the service.
Page for viewing details of cooling units or markets. The idea for the wireframe was to have the main info centered in different tabs while breadcrumbs would be shown on the left while edit and versions are on the right.
A Design System was also made for ChillServices(a digital and linkable asset library). Logotypes and most icons were made by Boid.
Animation made in After Effects to showcase how interactions on the website could look. 
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