In late 2018 RISE announced a competition for designing the perfect solution for bringing stuff on your bike. As I use my bike daily it seemed like a fun competition to participate in. I decided to join with a focus on the users that don't have a rear carrier.

After many sketches a design for a foldable mount started to emerge. With this mount a special bag would be easily mounted and removed from the bike.

After submitting my sketches and ideas I was chosen to make a prototype of the concept and compete against two others in the finals that were held at Elmia Subcontractor 2019. Our three concepts were published prior to the finals and the public voted on the design they liked the most. All three concepts had different approaches with its pros and cons but luckily my concept won ;)

Using the prototypes as a good starting point I'm now continuing the work on bringing this concept to market.
This image shows the unique mount in its folded position on a bike without a rear carrier.
The mount unfolds easily to its active position where the bag can be attached.
The bag has a special design so that it can be mounted quickly to the bike but also so that it can be locked to the bike by using a standard bike lock.
Some images and sketches used in the pitch that was submitted to the competition.
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